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At Room to Breathe we are understanding and a little unconventional. We know that we prefer to know rates up front and we want to offer you the same.

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours per organizing session to make a difference in your space. Sessions usually run from 9am - 3pm during week days but can be flexible to meet your schedule, especially to arrive earlier or stay later. Please keep in mind that we can always work within a budget or time constraints, adjusting our services to make the biggest impact.

Whatever you are thinking, it's wise to book a complimentary one-hour consultation or schedule a chat with an organizer on the phone. It's surprising how much, or how little, time it takes to organize a space, and a professional can give you an accurate estimate of hours required for your situation.

Most professional organizers in Edmonton charge by the hour. As a special discounted introductory rate for our Edmonton clients, Room to Breathe is offering one skilled professional for $65 per hour, or a dynamo team of two organizers working simultaneously at a reduced rate of $120! We'll determine together if a larger team of organizers would be most beneficial for your space.

Professional organizing gift certificates are available, but are rarely supplied as we choose to organize only for those who are ready to take that step. If there is someone you would like to gift with organizing sessions in Calgary or Edmonton, please be sure this person is ready and wanting that for themselves. We will then schedule our complimentary in-home one-hour consultation and be better able to supply an estimate on how long we think the project will take, taking into consideration how many hours you wish to gift.

Contact Room to Breathe today to schedule your free in-home consultation.