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There was a noticeable difference in my mood this morning; I woke up feeling excited and hopeful!!! I feel grateful that I am able to access Room to Breathe's expertise on calming my NOISY environment. I am REALLY enjoying my organized home!!! The other day my husband said, "Where's the floor cleaner spray?", and I said, "Exactly where it is supposed to be". He laughed and remarked how much he loves having a "system". Now I'll start working on the outside of the house; new windows, a garden makeover and tree removal. Thanks for kicking off this transformation; it has been life-changing!
- JM, Acadia, Calgary

After working with Indi and Room to Breathe, we recently relocated from Calgary to Edmonton. The moving company we worked with repeatedly commented on how easy our house was to pack because it was so well organized. As a result, I was able to unpack and organize our new house in just a couple of days. Also, our son was so inspired by the labeling you did for us, that we got him his own label maker for Christmas which he has put to good use on all the cabinets and drawers in our new house.
- LF, Calgary/Edmonton

Thank you so much Indianna. What a difference you've made. It means so much to have my creative space and things back after more than a year being in bins. As well, I love the little notes you left to show me where to put my focus this weekend! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
- April, Glamorgan, Calgary

"Ladies, you are fabulous and efficient. What you accomplished in 3 hours would have taken me 5 weeks! Thank you!"
- ES, Mount Royal, Calgary

I am writing to sing the praises of an amazing company called Room to Breathe.  Indiana McMechan is the lovely owner of this professional organizing company.  We reached out to her when we had a very tricky situation. We live in Vancouver and had to set up an apartment for my elderly father in Calgary.  The complicated situation was as follows: we chose Ikea furniture in Vancouver, but needed someone to liaise with Ikea in Calgary to organize furniture pickup and delivery.  Indiana said no problem we can do it and do it she did! We also had purchased bedding and towels and needed to send them out and Indiana arranged for that too. Indiana and her team went to the facility to oversee furniture delivery and installation. They then set up the suite ready to receive my father. Then my father moved in and we arrived. Indiana and her colleague went to his home, picked up a load of furniture, pictures and personal items, and delivered them to the care home. It was a delight to see them in action unpacking my father’s things. They in no time organized his closet, colour coded his clothing and filled the kitchen cupboards with dishes. They took away all the packing material and we didn’t have to lift a finger. The whole experience was stress free thanks to Room to Breathe! The team was so pleasant to deal with, so positive, so very customer focused. I highly recommend Room to Breathe to help with any of life’s transitions.  Thanks to Indiana and her team for all her great support.
- Claudia and Mark, Garrison Woods, Calgary/ Vancouver

“Indianna and Paula, just wanted to relay that I am thrilled with the time you spent here. For me, was just as much about the process than the result. It was just as I'd hoped for.”
- Kristin, Scenic Acres, Calgary

"Room to Breathe has the unique ability to clear cluttered spaces - both physically and mentally."
- JD, Windsor Park, Calgary

"Thank you so much for the work you and Kristen did in our home. It has been amazing to have a place for things this week and already I can see the difference it is making in being able to stay on top of things. The work you have done definitely inspires me to get on top of the rest, whether it's me doing the work or having you come back in. I felt so much lighter after Monday. It's amazing how we learn to cope with that overwhelming feeling and it becomes our normal. I knew it weighed on me but after Monday I really got a sense for how heavy it has been. So thank you again."
- LW, Montgomery, Calgary

"Thanks again for everything you two did and for lighting the fire under me to get moving. You are a great team, so efficient and professional. I'll definitely be passing along your info to my clients and friends."
- CM, Garrison Green, Calgary

“Well, you've really transformed my place! In a surprisingly efficient process I feel so much lighter and happier about having gotten rid of so much stuff, while reminding myself of what I actually have here. It's organized in such a way that's not only easier to keep organized but it's motivating to stay on top of it. Thanks!”
- Igor, Parkdale, Calgary

"Thank you. You did an awesome job at taking our over-crowded kitchen in a 500 sq ft condo and making it ‘work’. Worth every penny!"
- Mike, Mission, Calgary

"Thanks for everything today. I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off me. I keep looking in all my kitchen and bathroom drawers and doing (mostly internal) squeals. I love it. You are so talented. Everything is calm, harmonious, and reflective of the internal and external environment that I want to be constantly cultivating and projecting." and "I love that you set things up so they're so easy to maintain!"
- IR, Glamorgan, Calgary

"In my basement lived an unruly place. A storage room that became a cavern of stuff. It was a place that I avoided and when I had to visit, I usually left feeling irritated and overwhelmed at the thought of having to meet all that stuff again one day. One day, I found the courage to enlist Room to Breathe's assistance. I can't say it was an easy process, but she certainly brought a sense of flow and skillful know-how that encouraged me to think toward the end goal. After it was done, I found myself happily wandering the room, reveling in the new sense of space, and loving grabbing something off a shelf or out of a box - knowing its exact location."
- LM, Bowness, Calgary

"First, I want to thank you so much for getting me on the path to organization. It has been so great. I feel like I can breathe easier and it’s not just when I’m home. Even when I’m out and about it pops into my mind and it’s just a big ahhhh inside. So thank you, thank you, thank you!"
-JW, Shaganappi, Calgary

“Room to Breathe's team saved my sanity. I didn’t know 'professional organizer' was even a job, but my house had gotten so out of control. They led me through the process with kindness and empathy. They truly enjoy their work. They saw potential in places when I was sure there was none. Even though I worked alongside of them, they never left me feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Initially, I was worried about the expense, but I soon realized they had skills that I didn’t, and that I was able to maintain what they set up. It was worth every penny.”
- Joy, Sunnyside, Calgary

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