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  • Professional home organizing experience with diverse clients in varied situations. We've honed our method and systems to offer game-changing results that work.
  • Thorough, detailed and customized services that last. You won't have to keep paying us to come back unless you want some maintenance support.
  • Positive, respectful and hardworking professionals who go the extra mile. Get us to do the work you may not enjoy, like building Ikea furniture and preparing tax files for the accountant. 
  • More work accomplished in less time with the option for multiple organizers. You benefit from differing strengths, well-rounded expertise and the flawless ability to tackle complicated tasks. 
  • Access to our skills in space planning and systems set up. 
  • A complimentary one-hour in-home consultation. 
  • Professionals who keep up to date on the latest information to continually inspire creativity. 
  • Your donatables, recyclables and any waste carted away so you are left with a finished product and peace of mind. 
  • The best home for your unwanted items - from prescription medicine, eyeglasses, electronics and household hazardous waste to unopened body care products, old towels and blankets, mismatched clothing hangers and unopened food items.
It is important to note that we customize our solutions to fit your lifestyle. First and foremost we exist to get you organized, living simply, and with clarity of mind.

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  • New home move-ins and old home packing/ purging move outs 
  • Closet organization overhauls
  • Preparation for home downsizing 
  • Home offices (paperwork and filing systems too!)
  • Basements and creative storage spaces
  • Craft, sewing, art, or gift wrapping workspaces
  • Kitchen organizational solutions (especially pantries!) 
  • Mudrooms, closets, and entryways
  • Garages, sheds, and outdoor storage spaces
  • Toy and playrooms
  • Children and teen bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Master suites
  • Living spaces
  • Junk drawers (we all have one!) 
 Anything we've missed? Get in touch with Room to Breathe today to see how we can help check an organizing projects off your to-do list!